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Lunatics! is a free-culture open-movie animation series being made with free/open-source software software. Is free-culture media sustainable? It is if you support it!
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Blog Summary

Ansible playlist script in editor.

Project Site Migration Update

We have just completed a transition from our old “snowflake server” installation (i.e. managed entirely manually and not well backed-up) to a “DevOps” managed site, using Ansible. What this means is that we are now able to completely rebuild this site by running a few scripts (and in fact, you are reading this on the […]

"No Children in Space" Production Status

Scene-By-Scene Status of “No Children in Space” Pilot Story

We’ve gone through many revisions of the episode structure and requirements for our pilot episode, including breaking it up into three episodes instead of one, at least for the initial release through Vimeo and Patreon. As this is no doubt confusing, it seems like a good idea to make a chart. It’s also an opportunity […]

KitCAT Architecture Concept

KitCAT Architecture Concept

I put together this concept for the architecture of our proposed TACTIC client application, KitCAT: The idea is to make the use of the collaboration features provided by TACTIC as smoothly integrated as possible into the artists’ creative applications, while maintaining one common interface for the KitCAT features, and only having to maintain one GUI […]

Soyuz-SF Console

Materials Rigging for Console Lights and Screens

This week, I’ve just about completed finishing work on the Soyuz-SF Descent Module Interior (SDM) set. A major feature of this set is the complex console which has many lights and screens we want to be able to animate. These elements are represented by materials with “emit” values and video textures. Rigging textures and materials […]

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