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Lunatics! is a free-culture open-movie animation series being made with free/open-source software software. Is free-culture media sustainable? It is if you support it!
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Blog Summary

September 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: I was somewhat frustrated with my self-discipline this month. I had intended to get busy finishing character animation, particularly in the SU-SuitingUp sequence. However, I wasn’t idle — I got a lot of other things done. LUNATICS PRODUCTION: Worked some on animating SU-1-B (Georgiana with the Tech) and tried an experimental solution to animating […]

August 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: This was a rough month, from a mental health perspective. We enjoyed the trip to New Mexico very much, but coming back was a hell of a comedown, and all the problems started rushing back in. I had crushing existential depression for a couple of weeks. Gradually, though, I started to get back into […]

July 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: LUNATICS PRODUCTION: Shot reference footage of Ariel and I to help with animating in SU-1-B shot (of Georgiana and Tech). IT: Had our site surveyed by Nextlink for high-speed line-of-sight internet. Unfortunately, we need a very tall tower to get it here, so the pole won’t work, and we’ll have to make a different […]

June 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: A lot of construction work this month, as well as software development, production work on Lunatics, and professional development. LUNATICS SR-SoyuzRollout Render-Ready Finished up the “Timelapse” sequences, adding the animated padcrew billboard characters to the shots. Reconstructed the SR-1 shots, with the updated LaunchPad Mech. Started work on SU-SuitingUp This sequence is a mess […]

May 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: This month went almost entirely to ABX development. FILM-FREEDOM Create a ‘filmfreedom-org’ GitHub account for Film Freedom software repositories. Currently has only ABX, but it should host KitCAT and Lib-Ray as well. I think the ‘filmfreedom-org’ name will be easier to remember than ‘digitante’. PEPPER & CARROT DUB Terry Hancock and Ariel Hancock helped […]

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