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Lunatics! is a free-culture open-movie animation series being made with free/open-source software software. Is free-culture media sustainable? It is if you support it!
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Blog Summary

December 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: TRAIN CAR Revised the “Platz-Karny Vagon” train car model to incorporate alpha transparency so shots can be arranged for compositing between inside and outside elements. SOYUZ ORBITER Applied the same window technique to the Soyuz Orbiter for alpha compositing. Then converted the constraints-based control rig to an armature system, as I’ve done with Chris […]

Spacesuit crate prop for S1E01-Prolog.

November 2020 Summary

This month, I finished up most of my data management troubles, though I do need to revisit my RAID-1 and backup systems again in 2021. I need to learn how to do proper maintenance on the new BTRFS RAID-1 arrangement I’m using for redundant storage of my project data, and I still need to set […]

Offline Hard Drive Storage

October 2020 Summary

Disaster struck in October, with a failure of the hard drive I use for project data storage on my workstation! Fortunately, I did have some backups, and I was able to recover most of the data anyway. But it was certainly a shocker, and it took me quite awhile to recover. This also made me […]

YouTube Screen Capture

September 2020 Summary

  HISTORY PROJECT I spent almost all of September exploring my personal past. I figured out several techniques for collecting files by date and constructing monthly summary videos from the years before I started creating worklogs and this written log. This turned out to yield a lot of useful information. My main methods were: Using […]

August 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: CLOUD CONTROLLER CREATED This month, I added the Cloud Controller rig and the Horizon Rig and their respective geometries to my sky rig, completing it for use with the Baikonur Cosmodrome exteriors (and also other Baikonur exteriors). LAUNCHPAD MECH UPGRADED I also re-rigged the Launchpad mech to allow for some additional animation I discovered […]

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