Casting and Internship Submissions are now closed

Casting and internship applications are
now closed. If you have already contacted us and we are waiting on a
read from you, please go ahead and send it in. We’ll be trying to make
our decisions on principal cast for the pilot episode (i.e. Georgiana,
Hiromi, Rob, Anya, Josh, Tim, and Sergei) by the end of the day tomorrow
(Monday). We’ll then try to settle on the animation team and supporting
cast before next Saturday (July 7).

If you missed out on either call, there will most likely
be some chances in the future. After our pilot-episode Kickstarter, when
we have a better idea of our budget, we may open up additional
internships. For supporting cast roles, there will probably be another
chance when we go into our next funding cycle (when that is will depend
on how well this one goes).

Our first priority will be to settle on the principal cast we need
for the pilot episode, which means Georgiana, Hiromi, Rob, Anya, Josh,
and Tim, as well Sergei (who is basically a “guest star” in the pilot).
Then we’ll decide on Allen and Sarah who will first appear in episodes 2
and 3, respectively. Then we’ll need the rest of the supporting cast.

We’ll also need to decide on our core animation team — I know we’ve
had some very talented people who’ve applied, and I am still going
through their applications.

Of course, we’re going to contact applicants by email individually to
offer roles or internships, but after we’ve confirmed them all, we’ll
post an update here on the site with the cast and core animation team.

It’s an exciting time for us!