Where the Money Goes – Budget

Where did we come up with $42,000? Our
latest update has some detailed budget information for our pilot project
and the Kickstarter to support it.

“Where did we come up with $42,000? I’ve gotten
incredulous reactions in both directions — “How could you possibly
make an hour-long 3D-animated film for so little money?” and “Isn’t
that an awful lot of money for a free-culture project to raise on

Both are completely understandable.

The short answer is that we need a minimum of a $25,000 production
budget to make “No Children in Space”, and when you figure in the costs
of raising money through a Kickstarter, the goal has to be $42,000 in
order to make sure that we get our production budget.

We have to be


because if we make our goal, then we have also promised to deliver an
episode to you. If we don’t actually have the money to do it, then
we’ve broken our promise to you as backers, and that we cannot do.”