Themes in Lunatics – #7 “Agrarian Reality versus Technocratic Image”

Continuing with themes in the stories for Lunatics… Here’s number seven:

Theme #7

Agrarian Reality versus Technocratic Image

call this the “white plastic walls” fallacy. People have an idea of
spaceflight that is derived from the images created in the 1960s Moon
program and lots of science fiction shows that try to glamorize it as
the ultimate “futuristic” and “urban” experience. Because back then,
urban was cool, and rural was always bad.

In today’s world, with
people thinking that “Green” is such a good idea, there is sometimes a
backlash against space as part of this technocratic image. But guess
what? If you’re a space pioneer, then what you really are, basically, is


. Sorry. Not a scientist or an engineer or any of those cool things, but somebody who grows plants and raises animals. And

shovels manure



. It’s not sexy, but there it is.