We’ll be at ArmadilloCon 34 in Austin, TX this Weekend!

If you’re in town, you might want to come see us at

Armadillo Con 34

in Austin, Texas (it’s at the

Renaissance Hotel Austin

Terry Hancock and Rosalyn Hunter will be there (we’ve got a small table
reserved in the dealer room). Our character artist, Daniel Fu, is also
going to be at the convention (although I haven’t tried to rope him into
manning our table), so it’s just possible you might see him as well.

plan to have some character line-up posters available for sale. We’re
also giving these away free to anyone who’s backing our Kickstarter (any
amount). If you have a smartphone, you can sign up on the spot and get
one.  Daniel will also be signing a few of these to be sent out to
our pre-production Kickstart backers.

We’ll also have a prototype
of the soundtrack album we’re selling through the Kickstart (the actual
item will be on a pressed CD, so they won’t be ready until afterwards),
and some prototype/mock-ups of what the DVD and DVD/Lib-Ray editions
will look like. We’ll bring along a couple of drafts of the scripts for
“No Children in Space” and “Earth”, and we’ll have other items, too.

3-day pass for Armadillo Con is $50, I’m not sure if they are selling a
cheaper day-pass (most conferences do, but I don’t see it on their

Armadillo Con

is one of the

oldest annual science-fiction/fantasy conventions in Texas