Meet the Team: Terry Hancock

I’ve introduced most of the team already, but of course, I need to introduce myself as well:

I’ve been interested in space technology and science-fiction since I
was a small child, and I’ve been actively involved in free-culture since
before the word was coined.


is a unique
opportunity for me to put all of my skills and training to work on one
project. As both an astronomer and a life-long space advocate, I’m very
familiar with the reasons for going to the Moon and settling there (and
also Mars and other places). And I have some pretty good ideas about how
it can be done, having seen a lot of different proposals over the

I’ve also been interested in visual arts, cinematography,
and film since I was a teenager, and for awhile I was a declared Film
major at the University of Texas, before switching back into the
sciences and graduating in astronomy.  I’ve studied sound, film,
and video technology and am familiar with image and signal processing
from a variety of different perspectives, both scientific and artistic.

I also learned a lot from directing an earlier free-culture project (

The Light Princess

game project in 2000), which although it never got off the ground as an
actual game, did succeed in collecting and focusing artistic talent on a
free/copyleft project at a time when a lot of people were saying that
couldn’t be done. It was through that project that I met our character

Daniel Fu


I think all of these experiences have prepared me well for both directing and producing


A space advocate since childhood, Terry Hancock has been an active
member of

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

and of the

National Space Society

and of local chapters in Texas and California.
He was one of the organizers of the

1996 Southwest Regional Space Conference

and of the




International Space Development Conferences

He was also the 2000-2001 editor of the


, the
chapter newsletter of


, the LA chapter of NSS, and the 2007-2009 webmaster for the

NSS of North Texas


Terry received a BA from

The University of Texas

, majoring in


He went on to work as a research assistant, writing software for such
projects as the

McDonald Observatory

Planet Search
program in Texas (for

Dr. Bill Cochran

and the testing at the

University of Arizona/Steward Observatory

of the


infrared imaging chips for the

Hubble Space Telescope

Later he worked with data from that same camera for astronomical research

Extrasolar Research Corporation

in Pasadena, California (for

Dr. Susan Terebey

He later went to work for Caltech/JPL’s Infrared Processing and Analysis Center


). In 2003, he left Caltech to focus on Anansi
Spaceworks projects. He now resides in Texas.

Since 1999, he has been active in the open source community, learning
the basics of open-source project management through several small


projects. In 2005 and 2006, Terry worked remotely on a freelance basis as the News Editor and, later, Deputy Editor for

LinuxUser and Developer

magazine, a London-based international magazine covering Linux and free-software topics.

He is an advocate not only of using free-licensed open-source software
but also of applying its free-licensing methodologies to other areas,
including the arts, electronic and mechanical design, and space development.