March 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Received colorimeter. Tried to use it on monitor, but monitor is too far out of alignment to fix, apparently. Backed up project data to archive Blu-Ray disks Setup volume storage system on Giles (using MergeFS) Installed Seafile on Giles Learned how to set up a Samba share (used it to share the volume storage […]

February 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Worked on Project History and Archiving Completed 2019 federal tax returns Assembled “Down the Rabbit Hole” as an Open Movie Learned how to work with Kdenlive “Archived Projects” Migrated most content from lunatics-unversioned Migrated sound effects library and cleared licenses Feb 22, 2020 at 4:00 PM Sunlight Armature Rig I am creating a sunlight […]

January 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Setup Patreon Payment Details Recorded first two Film Freedom Podcasts Finished rendering Lunatics! TB Sequence Andrew Pam gave a presentation at LCA on Film Freedom projects Researched pro color-calibration for monitor (open source available) Completed the archive Blu-Ray of worklogs for 2019 Finished the video and DVD for SWRT’s “Alice in Wonderland” Created a […]

December 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Work on metadata discovery for ABX (and KitCAT) Protonmail domain account for mail Automated “Lunatics!” ink/color setup with ABX Set dressing for TB-TouringBaikonur sequence in S1E01 Rendered (most of) TB-TouringBaikonur sequence on remote render server   Dec 6, 2019 at 4:00 PM Demo: ABX File Context Discovery This is a short demonstration of […]

November 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Finished “Devastation of the Xmas” video for SWRT Setup Eclipse/PyDev/Blender Extension IDE Started ABX Development (File & Path Context) Nov 8, 2019 at 4:01 PM Developing Blender Extensions in Eclipse/PyDev I’ve been following Witold Jaworski’s e-book, Programming Add-Ons for Blender 2.8 in Eclipse/PyDev as a way to set up my development environment, and I’ve […]

October 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Condensed my to-do list and moved a lot of development notes into project-specific “NOTES.rst” files. Started project stubs in Eclipse. Worked on “Devastation of Xmas” animation for SWRT Xmas play. Development work on ABX. Lunatics-specific ink compositing script. Improving Eclipse workspace and training. Revisions to Central Market set with billboards and products.   Oct […]

September 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Lunatics Prototype Release Site (14 days design work) LunaGen Site Generator (10 days development) Created Monthly Summaries and Reviewed (1 day) Training/Customizing Eclipse/PyDev Env (3 days) Finished 2 scenes for Alice in Wonderland (1 to go) (5 part-days, ~1 equiv) Researched Ads, Affiliates, Business Design (5 part-days ~3 equiv) Production Work-in-Progress: Sep 13, 2019 […]

August 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Learning Eclipse/PyDev IDE Rendering “Press Conference” on Celestia Finishing work on “Touring Baikonur” sequence shots Cleaned up computer workbench Organized computer books Rebuilt Giles with upgrades Purchased monitor replacement for Thinkpad T410 Purchased books   Aug 2, 2019 at 4:00 PM Render Server Tests Today I’m running tests of the render server provided by […]

July 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Andrew Pam – render server offer Keneisha Perry moving to just model + rigging Finishing PC-1 sequence to be render-ready Shadow lamps and rendering benchmarks Alice In Wonderland Act 1 editing for DVD Cleaned office Upgraded RAM on Sintel Released the Episode 1 Preview Trailer Started render of PC-1 sequence on Celestia (donated server […]

June 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Email from Keneisha Perry about leaving animation after Ep 1. Ad for Southwest Reprise Theatre’s “Alice In Wonderland” program booklet “Alice in Wonderland” performance video (film & edit) Template research for static webpage design and website generator options Investigating lighting / shadow problems with Lunatics shots. PRODUCTION SNAPS: Jun 17, 2019 at 4:00 PM […]