Looking for a New Character Modeler

Sadly, Andrew Pray, who created the character model for “Georgiana Lerner” that we’ve been using in our animations up until now, is no longer with the project. He’s an art student, and is no longer able to commit to the amount of work that the character modeling for “Lunatics!” represents. This is a bit of a blow for me as a producer and for the project. It means we’re going to have to take some time for re-grouping. Certainly we’re going to have to fin someone new to do the character modeling for the project.


Casting and Internship Submissions are now closed

Casting and internship applications ar now closed. If you have already contacted us and we are waiting on a read from you, please go ahead and send it in. We’ll be trying to make our decisions on principal cast for the pilot episode (i.e. Georgiana, Hiromi, Rob, Anya, Josh, Tim, and Sergei) by the end of the day tomorro (Monday). We’ll then try to settle on the animation team and supportin cast before next Saturday (July 7).


Auditions for Voice Cast and Artist Internships Ending June 30th

A reminder to any of you who are thinking of applying for an internship or auditioning to be on the voic cast for “Lunatics” / “No Children in Space” (and additional series regular parts): the submission deadline is this Saturday, June 30th. We’ll try to make the decisions on principal casting by July 2nd and finish both casting and internship decisions by July 7th. We also may b interested in commission proposals for certain major modeling tasks, especially character mesh modeling, where we may need an experienced modeller.

Lib-Ray DRM-Free HD Video Format Project and Lunatics – Just 5 Days

Pretty soon we’ll be fund-raising for the pilot for Lunatics, and we’d like to be able to offer both a standard definition version on DVD and a DRM-free high-definition version. Since Blu-Ray is a very, very closed format, we decided to tr to create a new option with “Lib-Ray”. We’re about 74% of the way to funding that development on Kickstarter, but we’ve just got 5 days to make our Kickstarter goal (or we won’t get any of that). So we could really use help, either directly, or by telling anyone you know who cares about free-culture, independent film, and/or user freedoms with multimedia. …