Press Conf Test Cam2/2499

Final Assembly of the Press Conference Sequence

After many months of neglect, I am finally putting together the pieces for the “Press Conference” scene. In my previous post, I showed how the compositing works. I’m not done with all the IT and hardware work, but I decided to take a break and do some of the creative work, partly for my own […]

Compositing Technique for Freestyle Transparency and Proxies

The last couple of weeks, I have been very happy to get back to some blendering! I’ve been working on the materials, lighting, rendering, and compositing setup for a set and the associated scene in the pilot episode. This is the “press conference” scene which includes most of the “true dialog” in the prolog. Since […]


More “Soyuz-SF” 3D Model Renderings

Three more renderings of components for the “Soyuz-SF” interior set. We are creating this set for our “Teaser Trailer”, which is also an animation test and an opportunity for our modeling team to practice working together on the project. This is the periscope (Soyuz uses a periscope for piloting because the Orbital Module is in front of the Descent Module — from which the pilot flies the spacecraft). ( Flickr Image) Completed main controls for the orbiter (These models are by Cosmin Planchon with display graphics by Timothee Giet). ( Filckr Image )


Allen Emerson Concept Art Portrait

Allen Emerson is the last of the portraits for the Concept Art Poster. “R. Allen Emerson is a Conceptual Artist most known for his work in active and intelligent materials media. He made his name in the New York circuit winning the Andy Warhol Prize in Experimental and Performance Arts for his ground-breaking installation “Consciousness and Mechanism” presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts. His visionary exploration of non-static images of dramatic simplicity, and his pioneering work in interactive art has made Emerson a leader in the modern trans-humanist zeitgeist movement.


Updated version of Sarah Allison Concept Art Portrait

After doing several of the others, I thought I’d come back and try putting shadows and highlights on Sarah’s portrait. I also decided to color her hair more naturally. “Dr. Sarah Allison is one of the foremost authorities on moon morphology and geophysics. She has clocked over 100 hours exploring the moon’s surface. She holds the George P. Kokh Chair in lunar planetology at New Mexico State University. Currently she is to be found at the European University Collectives Marius Hills Lava tube expedition in the Ocean of Storms on the Lunar surface.” Drawing by Daniel Fu. Digital ink and paint by Terry Hancock.


Tim Farmer Concept Art Portrait

Here is the Concept Art Portrait for Igor Timothy Farmer / Tim. “Timothy Farmer son of Anya Titova Farmer and Joshua Farmer is the communications assistant on the ISF colony. He runs his own highly ranked web channel about the LIBRE project. He has plans to get a degree in computer science.” Drawing by Daniel Fu. Digital ink & paint by Terry Hancock.


Josh Farmer Concept Art Portrait

Another color portrait for the Concept Art Poster — this is Joshua Farmer / Josh. “Joshua Farmer (Ph.D.) received his Doctorate in Space Agriculture for his work on rapid-growth high yield crops. He was recruited to work at the Lunar Installation and Biological Research Interprise (LIBRE) to prepare crops for the colonization effort. He remained on as one of the colonization candidates and was chosen for the first team.” Original pencil drawing by Daniel Fu. Digital ink & color by Terry Hancock.


Anya Farmer Concept Art Portrait

Drawing of “Anya Titova Farmer” / “Anya” by Daniel Fu (from the concept art sheet), digitally inked and colored by Terry Hancock. “Anya Titova Farmer (M.B.A.) is business manager of the ISF lunar colony. She comes from a long line of Russian entrepreneurs, astronauts, and rocket engineers. Her father Anatoly Titov and her Uncle Konstantin Titov manage the Titov Space Industries, founded by her grandfather Igor Titov. She received a degree in international business from the Russian Academy of Economics (RAE) and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Arizona. She is also founder and part owner of Sputniki Zvezda Serebryaniy (Silver Star Satellites).”


Hiromi Lerner Concept Art Portrait

Earlier I posted a tiny picture of Hiromi as part of the preview of the Concept Art poster, but here’s the completed “Hiromi Aoki Lerner” drawing. Of course, like the others, this is drawn by Daniel Fu and digitally inked and painted by Terry Hancock. “Hiromi Aoki Lerner, wife of Dr. Robert Lerner, is the field doctor and nutritionist for the International Space Foundation’s Lunar Colony. Mrs Lerner holds a Masters in Health Science from the University of Toronto’s Mississauga Academy and a Masters in Space Nutrition from the University of Texas Online Branch. Only daughter of David Aoki, founder of Aoki Aerospace, Hiromi has been interested in space travel from her youth. She has a daughter, Georgiana Lerner age seven.”


“Georgiana Lerner” Portrait

I’ve realized that I haven’t actually posted scans of the original artwork that Daniel Fu created for us as concpet art. This is the sheet for Georgiana Lerner. Remember: this original artwork is for sale as one of our rewards! On Flickr From this, I created the digitally inked & colored version of “Georgiana Lerner” below, which will be on the “Concept Art Poster”: