“Rob” Portrait for the Concept Art Poster

Dr. John Robert Lerner, founder of the International Space Foundation, will be joining the first true human settlement on a planet beyond the confines of this Earth. He and a group of pioneering colonists will be settling permanently at the International Space Foundation Colony on the northern Border of Mare Imbrium at the Laplace Promentary. This is a crowning achievement for the Mechanical Engineer who has given the last twenty-five years of his life supporting this cause which soon will come to fruition.


“Sarah” Portrait for the Concept Art Poster

Today I finished the first of the digital ink & paint portraits based on Daniel Fu’s character concept art. This is not the final art we are creating for this Kickstart, but it is the artwork that will appear in high resolution on the “Concept Art Poster” we are offering at the $15 level, to be delivered right after the Kickstart finishes, in December. A lower resolution version (similar to this image) will appear on the “Characters” page . to replace the existing silhouette images.