KitCAT Architecture Concept

KitCAT Architecture Concept

I put together this concept for the architecture of our proposed TACTIC client application, KitCAT: The idea is to make the use of the collaboration features provided by TACTIC as smoothly integrated as possible into the artists’ creative applications, while maintaining one common interface for the KitCAT features, and only having to maintain one GUI […]


Meet the Team: Vyacheslav Yastrebcev (Modeler / Translator)

Vyacheslav has been an enthusiastic supporter for Lunatics! since our modeling project last Summer. He contributed to the Soyuz interior set model and created the initial model for the Lunar Transportation System lander that we used in our animatic. He’s also been instrumental in providing Russian proof-reading and translations for us. Most of the labels on the Soyuz console were checked by him, and he has helped us with creating Russian subtitles for our teaser/demo, our Kickstarter pitch video, and the entire pilot episode.


Meet the Team: Rosalyn Hunter (Writer)

The idea for Lunatics! came from a discussion between Terry Hancock and Rosalyn Hunter on space-homesteading, the problems of space settlers, and the potential personality conflicts of the space advocates who would be most likely be involved. It was Rosalyn Hunter who conceived the characters and basic story ideas that grew into this series.


Meet the Team: Terry Hancock

I’ve introduced most of the team already, but of course, I need to introduce myself as well: I’ve been interested in space technology and science-fiction since I was a small child, and I’ve been actively involved in free-culture since before the word was coined. Lunatics! is a unique opportunity for me to put all of my skills and training to work on one project. As both an astronomer and a life-long space advocate, I’m very familiar with the reasons for going to the Moon and settling there (and also Mars and other places). And I have some pretty good ideas about how it can be done, having seen a lot of different proposals over the years.

Guide to our Meet the Team Updates

I’ve been posting a series of updates to our Kickstarter about each of the people involved in producing Lunatics. After the fold – links to the individual updates.


Meet the Team: Sathish Kumar and Spark Multimedia

Sathish Kumar, who was part of our Summer 2012 modeling team , has branched out on his own with his new studio, Spark Multimedia. He and his company will be partnering with us on creating many of the large virtual sets we need to create for Lunatics!


Meet the Team: Summer of 2012 Modeling Team

I’d like to introduce you to the people who worked on Lunatics! last year, during the Summer of 2012. We worked on pre-production during the Spring of 2012, and then put out a call for Blender Internships for the Summer. As a test project we created the assets required for the 2-minute short demonstration video on the front page: By design, this used a minimum of 3D assets: just one set, only one character model that required facial rigging and animation, and otherwise pretty simple animation. It shows the initial flight into space, from Georgiana’s point of view. Here’s the team that made those assets: Cosmin Planchon


Meet the Team: Gorka Mendieta (Rigging and Simulation)

Since the plan is for Lunatics! to be a series, rather than a one-off film, we have somewhat more ambitious requirements for making our models reusable for the long term. If we can invest a little more in a better rig or design something to use physics simulation rather than manually animating it, this is a good idea, because there will be a payback every time we reuse that model in a later episode.


Meet the Team: Supporting Cast

We’ve individually introduced our principal cast members: Karrie Shirou, Ariel Hancock, Paul Birchard, Lex Quarterman, Veronika Kurshinskaya, and William Roberts, as well as pilot episode guest star Sergei Oleinik. These are joined by a number of other very talented cast members in the pilot episode: Melodee M. Spevack