Welcome to Bela Szabo!

I’m pleased to welcome our new character modeling expert, Bela Szabo (a.k.a. “contmike” in some circles). This puts us back on track for a crowd-funding campaign launching late in this month, if everything goes as I expect.


Welcome to Chris Kuhn!

Although we’re officially on a short hiatus, I am still doing a little work on weekends, and we have also recently been joined by Chris Kuhn, a very talented mechanical modeling artist who is currently working on the Soyuz launch system which features prominently in our pilot episode. I’ve also had a chance to do some more tests with character models, shading, lighting, and rendering — pictures, links, and video after the fold…


Paul Birchard as “Allen Emerson”

Since we decided to have Paul Birchard do the Allen Emerson character (first introduced in “Earth”), I thought maybe I should share his audition for it. We enjoyed it a lot. This of course, is the same “Art Now!” interview that Rosalyn and I voiced earlier. I have to say that Paul a whole lot better than I am at the part! Of course, Paul is playing both the interviewer and Emerson here.


Principal Cast for the Pilot

Finally! I can tell somebody… We now have six voice actors confirmed for the pilot episode, who will play the six series regular characters who appear in the pilot (Georgiana, Hiromi, Rob, Tim, Josh, and Anya — in order of apperance): Rob will be played by William Roberts . Hiromi will be played by Karrie Shirou . Georgiana will be played by our daughter Ariel after all (we reviewed auditions from a few adult actresses to be sure this is what we wanted to do — they were good, but a real child’s voice sounds much better, and Ariel did quite well on the audition). Tim will be played by Lex Quarterman . Josh will be played by Paul Birchard . and


Welcome to character artist Daniel Fu!

This week we’ve started working on initial character designs with character designer, Daniel Fu, of “Daystorm Productions”. Daniel is the author of a webcomic series, “The Retriever” and has an excellent portfolio. Daniel was my first choice o this project, because I’ve worked with him before, because he has a lo of artistic range, and because his designs have a good sense of volume and 3D form, which will be essential for our designs which will be modeled in 3D.