Press Conf Test Cam2/2499

Final Assembly of the Press Conference Sequence

After many months of neglect, I am finally putting together the pieces for the “Press Conference” scene. In my previous post, I showed how the compositing works. I’m not done with all the IT and hardware work, but I decided to take a break and do some of the creative work, partly for my own […]


Meet the Team: Karrie Shirou as “Hiromi Lerner”

We have a great voice cast on “Lunatics!” which is one reason I really, really want to see this finished. One of the first characters introduced is “Hiromi Lerner”, voiced by Karrie Shirou. The part of Hiromi Lerner is tricky. She’s a subtle character — it’d be really easy for her to come off as a stereotypical homemaker role and thus dismissed, but the thing is, she’s somebody who’s decided to do this role on the Moon . Inside, Hiromi is like iron, and you could argue that she’s the one that really holds that colony together.


Hiromi Lerner Concept Art Portrait

Earlier I posted a tiny picture of Hiromi as part of the preview of the Concept Art poster, but here’s the completed “Hiromi Aoki Lerner” drawing. Of course, like the others, this is drawn by Daniel Fu and digitally inked and painted by Terry Hancock. “Hiromi Aoki Lerner, wife of Dr. Robert Lerner, is the field doctor and nutritionist for the International Space Foundation’s Lunar Colony. Mrs Lerner holds a Masters in Health Science from the University of Toronto’s Mississauga Academy and a Masters in Space Nutrition from the University of Texas Online Branch. Only daughter of David Aoki, founder of Aoki Aerospace, Hiromi has been interested in space travel from her youth. She has a daughter, Georgiana Lerner age seven.”