November 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: We had good weather for most of this month, so I took advantage of that by doing a lot of construction, maintenance, and grounds work. Not so much development or production, although I did work on LunaGen and some ancillary art, including the cover poster for “No Children in Space”. ¬†PRODUCTION: Collected some new […]

October 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: WRITING: Continued work on “Ten Years of Film Making for Lunatics”. LUNAGEN DEVELOPMENT: Created a basic functional test of CLI. Created “simple” and “affiliates” test cases. Refactored into script + library. Started refactoring Lunatics-specific code into “add-ons” to make the program more modular and extensible. RESEARCH: Got some free books, including ones on Maya […]

June 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: A lot of construction work this month, as well as software development, production work on Lunatics, and professional development. LUNATICS SR-SoyuzRollout Render-Ready Finished up the “Timelapse” sequences, adding the animated padcrew billboard characters to the shots. Reconstructed the SR-1 shots, with the updated LaunchPad Mech. Started work on SU-SuitingUp This sequence is a mess […]

February 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: LAUNCH VEHICLE RIGGING Finished up the rigging for the staging of the launch vehicle for shots in S1E01-SF-SoyuzFlight sequence. BLDG 254 EXT SET Finished materials and set dressing for the Bldg254-Ext set for the S1E01-LA-Launch sequence. Got a little start on the shot, and I revised the linking plan for S1E01-LA, moving the actual […]

January 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: LUNATICS PRODUCTION Found the Train Pullaway shot and started reassembling it. Worked on modeling, rigging, and animating the Soyuz rocket plume effects animation. I’ve completed the core + pod stage effect and at least a first draft of the upperstage effect (less happy with that one, because it doesn’t hold up as well from […]

May 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Migrated KitCAT and Lib-Ray into Eclipse workspace / Git Started a TACTIC project for setup testing Purchased new monitor headphones and 24″ color-check monitor Reviewed sockets IPC programming in Python for KitCAT May 18, 2020 at 4:00 PM S-Type Icons for TACTIC/KitCAT This last week, I started working on setting up a test multimedia […]

April 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: CoViD-19 / SARS-CoV-2 epidemic continues and we are self-quarantined New ADSL modem from Windstream, after old one burned out in storm Using Seafile routinely now Created most of a TACTIC role for Ansible deployment Installed TACTIC experimentally on Giles Lots of construction work. Grim news coming in about the CoViD-19 Pandemic. This is going […]

March 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Received colorimeter. Tried to use it on monitor, but monitor is too far out of alignment to fix, apparently. Backed up project data to archive Blu-Ray disks Setup volume storage system on Giles (using MergeFS) Installed Seafile on Giles Learned how to set up a Samba share (used it to share the volume storage […]

February 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Worked on Project History and Archiving Completed 2019 federal tax returns Assembled “Down the Rabbit Hole” as an Open Movie Learned how to work with Kdenlive “Archived Projects” Migrated most content from lunatics-unversioned Migrated sound effects library and cleared licenses Feb 22, 2020 at 4:00 PM Sunlight Armature Rig I am creating a sunlight […]

January 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Setup Patreon Payment Details Recorded first two Film Freedom Podcasts Finished rendering Lunatics! TB Sequence Andrew Pam gave a presentation at LCA on Film Freedom projects Researched pro color-calibration for monitor (open source available) Completed the archive Blu-Ray of worklogs for 2019 Finished the video and DVD for SWRT’s “Alice in Wonderland” Created a […]