Just finished a test teleconference with three of the principals!

We just tried our first teleconference with three of the principals for “Lunatics”, I plan to meet the others on Friday for another test call, and then we’ll be all set up to work o Saturday morning when we do our table read for “No Children in Space”. Our Kickstarter is currently at 40%, with just over 2 days left: http://kck.st/RTCwZs

We are VERY BUSY right now

We’re currently doing five things simultaneously: casting voice actors, reviewing applications for 3D artist internships, finishing our pre-production Kickstart work and rewards, training on the software, and planning for our next Kickstarte which will pay for the production of the pilot episode, “No Children i Space”. Everything is complicated and interlocked, and I am very busy camper. But this is pretty fun, I have to admit!


Sending out audition readings for “Lunatics”

Wow! This is pretty exciting — we’ve gotten about 90 demo submissions so far for various parts for “Lunatics in less than a week, some of them from very talented people. So, I think we’re going to be able to put together a fantastic cast for this production.


Download Site is Up

I have just created the… As mentioned before, the content is not complete (and yes, I’m even behind where I said I was going to be, but I’m starting to catch up now). But I have versions of the Concept Art Poster in SVG, PDF, and various wallpaper/desktop sizes. I’ve also got the first 44 pages of the Artbook, including all of the character modelsheets, and the introduction which talks about the planned series format, business model, production schedule, and so on. The original SVG model sheets for each character are also available. More will be coming very soon! Also… Please check that your name is listed correctly in the backer credits.


More about music, and about this Lib-Ray thing…

This week I got most of the open questions about the soundtrack music settled. The only problem is that opened a new question too. I also started a (mostly separate) Kickstarter project for the “Lib-Ray” video format, and I probably need to explain a little how that connects to Lunatics.

Website clean-up and music licensing

I took a little time to spiff up the website, which was looking a little neglected. I also sent out queries to some of the musicians whose work I am hoping to relicense under By-S for use in our soundtrack. So far I’ve gotten one positive response, and one slightly unclear one. But I’m optimistic.

Style Issues: Freestyle or Not?

Today I came across a news report abou the status of “Freestyle” in Blender, which reminds me of the animatio style issues I’ve been contemplating for Lunatics since the beginning: just how realistic will we want the graphic style of the series to be?


Concept Art Sheets and Modeling

This week we’ve started get character design concepts from Daniel Fu. I’ve also been working on modeling the Soyuz “Transporter-Erector”, which will appear early in the pilot episode.