November 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Animation Review (SU & LA sequences of S1E01 Lunatics!) New Titles Sequence Linking Diagrams Adopted Generally for Planning and Documentation Formalized File-Naming Policy Set & Set Dressing Work for Touring Baikonur (TB) Nov 7, 2018 at 4:01 PM Animation Review I’m doing another review of animation and animation files this week. I was pleasantly […]

July 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Screencasts documenting texturing for the “Aquarium Room” and the Mission Control Room, and the lip-sync process with Papagayo and Blender-Papagayo Plugin. Documentation for Animation Computer for K. Perry. Worked on upper-stage mech shot. Worked on SU-SuitingUp animation blocking, but ran into a lot of problems with timing and shots. End result was a mess […]