June 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Email from Keneisha Perry about leaving animation after Ep 1. Ad for Southwest Reprise Theatre’s “Alice In Wonderland” program booklet “Alice in Wonderland” performance video (film & edit) Template research for static webpage design and website generator options Investigating lighting / shadow problems with Lunatics shots. PRODUCTION SNAPS: Jun 17, 2019 at 4:00 PM […]

May 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Installed flooring in the studio library Researched/setup offline harddrive storage Patreon, Discord for Film Freedom Project SF-1 Scene Assembly work Alice in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole film Tested EXR workflow Tested green screen workflow Texas Linux Fest 2019 (Debuted the “Conception to Completion” at lightning talks). PRODUCTION SNAPS:   May 3, 2019 at […]

March 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Started mastering Open Movie DVD Edition for S1E01 Break Even & Cost Driver Analysis for Lunatics Visited Kiriyo Studio Started “Conception to Completion” (C2C) video for Film Freedom Profit & Loss and Taxes for 2018 Completed drywall work for studio/library Started spreadsheet for modeling Lunatics episode finances Started screencasting sequence assembly for Lunatics S1E01-SF […]

February 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Got quotes from Windstream and Nextlink on better internet connection – decided on switching to Nextlink as soon as we can afford transition costs Learned how to use Ardour, developed workflow for mixing Created Audacity, Ardour, Kdenlive stubs for all of S1E01 Made contact with Raziq/Kiriyo Studios for possible Mocap for Blender training deal […]

January 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Mostly IT work: migrated server, started setting up Narya.net. Shut down VPS at Rose Hosting. Using Digital Ocean now. Uploaded music to server (but not yet ingested to DAMS). Extensive documentation of our IT infrastructure and services. Adopted video screencasting/self-monitoring. 2018 P&L Statement, first run of tax returns. Jan 2, 2019 at 2:59 AM […]

December 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Worked on Sets & Set Dressing for Launchpad, Train Station Int, & Mission Control Room Texture maps for Launchpad Ext Set Ink Tests (Different ink methods and parameters, using both Freestyle & EdgeNode) Launchpad Ext Render Tests Planning Open Movie Release Organization Additional Renders Dec 5, 2018 at 4:00 PM Study of Inking Techniques […]

October 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Animated Georgiana signature shot from TB-TouringBaikonur. Animation tests for Soyuz interior from LA-Launch. Mech animation tests for LA-Launch and SF-SoyuzFlight (the liftoff). Japanese transcription from PC-PressConference, and lip-sync tests. Started narration script for “No Children in Space” audiodrama.   Oct 5, 2018 at 3:27 PM Japanese Breakdown in Papagayo-NG This week, I believe I […]

September 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Marketing Research Contact from Maurice Thomas, who wanted to do some voice acting for us. I got him to replace a couple of parts I had filled in for, including the ep. 2 news anchor and one of the military astronauts. Article on barcode printing completed on commission. Web/Social Media art Animation tests for […]

August 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Website plan to migrate archives into S3 storage stopped by lack of FUSE support with Rose Hosting. Article commissioned on Zebra barcode reader support with Linux / Open Source software. Query from Maurice Thomas about voice work. Disk and jacket art designs for Open Movie edition of “Lunatics!” episodes 1-3. Experimental animation of flame […]

July 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Screencasts documenting texturing for the “Aquarium Room” and the Mission Control Room, and the lip-sync process with Papagayo and Blender-Papagayo Plugin. Documentation for Animation Computer for K. Perry. Worked on upper-stage mech shot. Worked on SU-SuitingUp animation blocking, but ran into a lot of problems with timing and shots. End result was a mess […]