Afanasy Schema

Virtual Studio Addendum

Apparently, our Virtual Studio project is interesting to more than just us. I got a number of remarks about it. Since then, partly due to input I received after the post, I can make some minor changes to my plans. CGRU/Afanasy I knew of course that other open-source render farm software already existed, but I […]

Patron Newsletter cover for August 2015, featuring the 2040 Space Station

Patron Newsletter Summary – August, 2015

We’ve published the Patron Newsletter for August, 2015. This is one of the best ones we’ve released, because it’s been a very active month for production. Chris Kuhn and Terry Hancock worked on the model for the 2040-era “Space Station Alpha”, as it appears in Part 2 of our Pilot story, “No Children in Space”. […]


Beginning Principal Animation

Wow. This week, I’ve started animating We’ve had some nearly-final shots for awhile — the “Earth in Space” shots, but those were kind of trivial. I’m now working on a complex “real” shot for the first time. It’s a particularly tough one close to the beginning of the Pilot (and the “Prolog” and the “Preview” based on the Pilot). I’ll go into some detail on the construction of this shot i our Patreon “Patron Newsletter” this month.


Background models for the pilot

We’ve now started working on the asset for the “on Earth” shots in the pilot episode. These models are often not as glamorous, but they take a lot of work, and are very necessary for the plot. We’re also working towards preparing production rigs for animated our characters. We also need HELP on character modeling, if yo have Blender character modeling skills, can follow a modeling style concept, and would like to get involved.


Out with the Old, In with the New

Happy New Year! A lot has happened in the last few weeks, and we’re about to make some major changes on the “Lunatics!” project website. Progress continues on 3D assets for the series and for “No Children in Space”; and we’re making new promotional and fundraising plans. It’s time to shake things up, and we’re planning to do just that!


Animation and Rendering Style for “Lunatics!”

There are several factors we have to balance in coming up with a style of animation and rendering for “Lunatics!” You might think that 3D animators should always try for maximum realism (“photorealism”) when making animation, but this is not necessarily a good idea. First of all, the human eye is extremely good at spotting errors in photorealistic renderings and especially in animation. This is the basis of the problem known as the “uncanny valley effect”:  if you have extremely photo-accurate models and renderings of characters, then even the slightest error in movement creates a disturbing “creepy” effect. Such animations are often described as “zombie-like” or “doll-like”. This is because we are very sensitive to tiny differences in the way real people move.