Project Updates for November 2016

Lately, I have been investing a great deal of time in infrastructure development, so there hasn’t been a lot of new stuff to post about (Reports that can be summarized as “today I made another bookcase” could get kind of tedious). This has taken months rather than weeks, but things are improving: This building now […]


Updated version of Sarah Allison Concept Art Portrait

After doing several of the others, I thought I’d come back and try putting shadows and highlights on Sarah’s portrait. I also decided to color her hair more naturally. “Dr. Sarah Allison is one of the foremost authorities on moon morphology and geophysics. She has clocked over 100 hours exploring the moon’s surface. She holds the George P. Kokh Chair in lunar planetology at New Mexico State University. Currently she is to be found at the European University Collectives Marius Hills Lava tube expedition in the Ocean of Storms on the Lunar surface.” Drawing by Daniel Fu. Digital ink and paint by Terry Hancock.


“Sarah” Portrait for the Concept Art Poster

Today I finished the first of the digital ink & paint portraits based on Daniel Fu’s character concept art. This is not the final art we are creating for this Kickstart, but it is the artwork that will appear in high resolution on the “Concept Art Poster” we are offering at the $15 level, to be delivered right after the Kickstart finishes, in December. A lower resolution version (similar to this image) will appear on the “Characters” page . to replace the existing silhouette images.