Meet the Team: Lex Quarterman as Tim Farmer

Lex Quarterman first auditioned for Sergei, because he’s also fluent in Russian, but after listening to his demos, we decided he would be awesome as Tim Farmer (and actually Tim probably would speak Russian). Tim, of course, is the teenage son of Anya Titova and Josh Farmer, who feels dragged along against his will, although we think he might just be enjoying the fame and attention just a little bit.


Tim Farmer Concept Art Portrait

Here is the Concept Art Portrait for Igor Timothy Farmer / Tim. “Timothy Farmer son of Anya Titova Farmer and Joshua Farmer is the communications assistant on the ISF colony. He runs his own highly ranked web channel about the LIBRE project. He has plans to get a degree in computer science.” Drawing by Daniel Fu. Digital ink & paint by Terry Hancock.