Beginning Principal Animation

Wow. This week, I’ve started animating We’ve had some nearly-final shots for awhile — the “Earth in Space” shots, but those were kind of trivial. I’m now working on a complex “real” shot for the first time. It’s a particularly tough one close to the beginning of the Pilot (and the “Prolog” and the “Preview” based on the Pilot). I’ll go into some detail on the construction of this shot i our Patreon “Patron Newsletter” this month.

Audio Drama Progress

I’m currently doing the sound-design for the Audio Drama: picking music tracks from the track library, tryin to figure out what ambience and sound effects to use, and moving the voices into scenes.


Sound Design and Dynamic Range

I’ve now mixed the audio for the pre-title teaser and Act I of “No Children in Space” for the animatic version. Although it sounded fine on my studio earphones, I found it didn’t sound so good on a TV. I realized I was mixing it too “hot” — meaning the dynamic range was too high. So I did a little research, and now I’m mixing a more reasonable version.